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    Ancient Grunge Scroll
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    In this tutorial l will show you the techniques used to create an ancient grunge scroll. There are several uses for these... banner, backgrounds, etc etc etc. The final product after l'm through will be a template for a blog/artwork website that's got an uncomfortable sense to it.

    Now before we begin there are a few things l would like to point out. I tried to write this tutorial for days, without the use of 3rd party brushes, but l simply could not create the desired effect. I know that personally myself, l do not like having to download brushes and other things when doing tutorials and l assume the same goes for most of you. Sadly l digress, it just cannot be done with the standard photoshop brush sets. In this tutorial we are also going to be using the Burn, and Dodge tools which are very advanced tools that not many people are comfortable with. Hopefully after using this tutorial you will better understand the Burn/Dodge tools and utilize them to create truly dramatic artwork in photoshop.

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    Step 1.)
    To being, download the following brush sets and install them.

  • refice_dirty3 - creator Eduardo Recife

  • Note: At the time of this tutorial's writting it appears as though paginas.terra.com.br is down, so l have uploaded a copy of the brush to the www.PhotoshopTower.com server until his site is back-online.

  • Tioem_set37 - creator Tioem-

  • Note: At the time of this tutorial's writting it appears as though www.Tioem.com is down, so l have uploaded a copy of the brush to the www.PhotoshopTower.com server until his site is back-online.

    If you do not know how to install photoshop burshes, please click here for instructions

    Bonus Brushes: Here are some more free brushes for use with this type of technique:
  • PSForce - Splatter - creator Jeff

  • PSForce - Dirty Corners - creator Jeff

  • PSForce - Grunge Pack i - creator Jeff

  • *Free registration required

    Step 2.)
    start a new document that is 500x500 in size, and fill the background with a dark color. I choose a dark green (#63705A) but you can really use any color, just pick a dark gloomy color for the best results.

    Step 3.)
    Create a new layer. Get out the rectangular marquee tool, and make a selection that will serve as our piece of paper, and fill this selection with: #E1E1D2, as l've done here:

    Step 4.)
    Next go to: Filter->Add Noise and apply these settings:

    Step 5.)
    Now select the Burn tool () and set it up with the following settings:

    Now go around the outside border of the paper, with the burn tool to darken up the edges a bit. Just make one pass around it, don't go overboard.

    Step 6.)
    Now double click this layer, and apply the following blending option:
    Outer Glow:

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