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    Unique Technology Layout

    In this tutorial l will show you step by step how l created this mock layout for a technology website. This layout would work great for a company that develops software, or hardware. Or offers specific internet/customer relations services. If you're ready to get started, we'll begin.
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    Step 1.) Start a new document in photoshop of any size, l'm using 700 x 670 myself. Fill the background with a mid-grey tone, l used #64675F

    Step 2.)
    We'll start with a simple background, so make a new layer and fill it with #000000 (black). Next go to "Filter->Noise->Add Noise" and apply these settings:

    Change the blending option of this layer to "overlay" and set the opacity to: 14 percent or so


    Step 3.)
    Create a new layer. Now we'll create the container for the entire page, get out the rectangular marquee tool and make a selection like so:
    This selection is about 15-20 pixels away from the top/bottom/left/right side of the canvas

    Go to: Select->modify->smooth with a setting of x pixels

    Fill this selection with a light grey, l used #ADB1AA. and press CTRL + D to deselect the area,

    Step 4.)
    Now double click this layer, and apply the following blending options:
    Drop Shadow:

    Inner Shadow:

    Inner Glow:


    Step 5.)
    Now create a new layer. Using the rectangular marquee tool, make a selection like so:
    Notice that this selection is about 3 pixels inside the previous box:

    Fill this selection with #414743

    Step 6.)
    Create a new layer. Using the rectangular marquee tool, make a selection like so:
    Note this selection is about 3 pixels inside the base box as well.

    Set your foreground color to: #6EA000, and your background color to: #608A02

    Get out the Gradient Fill tool and set it up like so:

    and fill this selection in with a gradient from bottom to top, result:

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