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    Easy Tech Wires
    This tutorial will teach you how to quickly, and easily add tech qires to your layouts, and designs. The tips and techinques used in this tutorial can be applied to any interaface to add a nice tech feel to it. Here is an example of what we'll be making in this tutoiral:
    easy tech wires
    Page 1 of 1

    Step 1.)
    The first step to create these tech wires is to decide where you're going to use them. I'm going to use

    some on my exsisting webpge template, so you can get an idea of when and where these wires can be


    start by setting your foreground color to: #9E9E9E
    Get out the brush tool, and and get these settings:

    Step 2.)
    Next decide where your wires are going to run by making small dots. These will be the "entry sockets" for

    our wires. Notice l've darked the background layer a bit here to make things more visible to you. So make

    three pairs of dots like l have here:

    Step 3.)
    Add these layer settings to this layer:

    Step 4.)
    now create a new layer, and get out the bursh tool (if it isn't already) and change it down to 5 pixels.

    Step 5.)
    set your foreground color to #FFFFFF (white)
    and draw a squiggly line like l have here:

    Step 6.)
    create a new layer, and draw another line

    Step 7.)
    then create yet another layer, and draw another squiggly line:

    Step 8.)
    okay just about finished...
    On the layer with the 1st squiggly line apply these blending options to the layer:

    color used is: #36D658

    Step 9.)
    Next right click on the layer, and select "copy layer style". Click on the next "white squiggly line" layer,

    and right click, and choose "paste layer style". This will duplicate the layer style over to this new layer.
    So you should have two greenish wires now. But we'll change that.
    Double click on the layer, to bring up the blending options. Go down to: Inner Glow, and change the green

    color to a yellowish color. I used #D9E100

    Here's what l've got:

    Step 10.)
    Finally we'll do this one more time to drive it home.
    Right lick on the remaining white squiggly line that hasn't been colored yet. Choose "paste blending

    option". Double click the layer, and change the color of the "Inner Glow" option to a redish color. I used:

    And you're done, here's my final result:

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