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    Simple Fractal

    In this tutorial l will show you one way to create a fractal effect in photoshop with very few steps. This technique is 99 percent filters; therefore anyone can do it regardless of artistic abilities; or inabilities in some cases heh.
    Page 1 of 1

    Step 1.)
    Start a new document of any size, for this tutorial l'm using a 600x600 canvas. Fill the background layer with black (#000000).

    Step 2.)
    Create a new layer, and make a selection near the center of the canvas that is approximately 1/6 (one sixth) of the size of the entire canvas:

    and fill this selection with white (#FFFFFF):

    Step 3.)
    Press 'D' on your keyboard to reset your foreground and background colors to black/white. Go to Filter->Texture->Grain and apply these settings:


    Step 4.)
    Next go to Filter->Artistic->Neon Glow and apply these settings:


    Step 5.)
    Go to Filter->Distort->Twirl and apply these settings:


    Step 6.)
    Go to Filter->Distort->Wave and apply these settings:

    Note: Press the 'randomize' button a few times, until you get an interesting shape/effect.


    Step 7.)
    Next press CTRL + J on your keyboard to duplicate this layer, and change this layers blending option to 'screen' as shown here:

    Step 8.)
    Now go to "Edit->Transform->Flip Horizontal":


    Press CTRL + E on your keyboard to merge these two layers together.

    Step 9.)
    Once again, press CTRL + J on your keyboard to duplicate this layer, and change this new duplicate layer's blending option to 'screen' just as we did in step #7.

    Step 10.)
    Now go to "Edit->Transform->Flip Vertically":


    Continue to use the techniques taught above to further enhance the image. Try using the 'Overlay' blending option on some of your duplicate layers to get a different effect. The 'Darken' blending option makes some interesting looks as well. Just experiment and test different options out. Here's what l ended up with after playing around for a few minutes:

    The final duplicate layer uses the "Saturation" blending option (incase you were wondering...)
    Have fun!

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