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    Retro Style Background
    In this tutorial we'll be making a retro 60's TV show background. It's a great design to display products, services, or to use on banners. These things are easy to make if you know the right techniques.

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    Step 1.)
    Start off by making a new document that's 700 x 700 and fill it with: #1D6FA8

    Step 2.)
    Next create a new layer, and while using the polygon lasso tool, make a selection like this:

    Step 3.)
    Fill the selection with a color that is slightly lighter than your background, I've used: #3295DA.
    After this you press CNTRL+D to deslect the area.

    Step 4.)
    next duplicate this layer. and go to Edit->transform->flip vertically.
    Go ahead and press 'V' on the keyboard to get out the Move Tool, and position the new flipped version like so:

    Step 5.)
    try to line up the tips as close as possible:

    Step 6.)
    press CNTRL + E to merge these two layers into one and duplicate it again. Once the layer has been duplicated press CNTRL + T on your keyboard to bring up the free

    transform tool. place the cursor just over the top right corner of the square, and rotate the shape like so: Press RETURN on your keyboard to finalize the rotation

    Step 7.)
    here's the fun part...
    press CNTRL+SHIFT+ALT+T all at the same time on your keyboard. This will repeat the last transformation.... which will rotate the shape the exact amount that we need.

    Step 8.)
    Continue pressing CNTRL+SHIFT+ALT+T until you've nearly completed the background:

    Step 9.)
    If you want to add a little depth you can go ahead and merge all the layers together (except the background layer) and add a slight inner glow with black... here's the

    settings l've used:

    Step 10.)
    another option is to go to "filter->distort->twirl" and you'll get interesting effects with that as well:

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