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    Render Layout Tutorial vol. 3:
    Logo Creation
    This is part 3 in a 5 part tutorial to easily create a render layout out of a simple render in about 20 minutes. This is by far the fastest way to develop a layout for a website and equally as easy to accomplish.
    In this installment we will be creating the Logo for our layout and design. To see how the final product, go here:
    Final product | Another variation.

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    Step 9.)
    fill this selection with: #3B7CA0.

    Step 10.)
    with the selection still active go to select->modify->contract with a setting of 8. Then press DELETE on your keyboard and press CNTRL + D to deselect.

    Step 11.)
    next while holding CNTRL click on the logo layer above the circle to make a selection of it. Then go to "select->modify->expand" and set it to 2 pixels. Press delete on your keyboard.

    Step 12.)
    next on a new layer, create a few extra small circles and fill them with the same color.

    Step 13.)
    position them like so:

    Step 14.)
    Just like before hold down CNTRL and click on the base circle layer to select it, go to select-modify-expand and expand it by 2 pixels, and press "delete" to get this effect.

    Step 15.)
    l then trimmed off the excess near the bottom and merged this layer with the top-most logo layer.

    Step 16.)
    next add the following layer styles to the top-most logo layer:

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    Page 2 of 3
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