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    Render Layout Tutorial vol. 2:
    Header Creation
    This is part 2 in a 5 part tutorial to easily create a render layout out of a simple render in about 20 minutes. This is by far the fastest way to develop a layout for a website and equally as easy to accomplish. In this installment we will be creating the header for our layout. To see how the final product, go here: Final product | Another variation.

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    Step 11.)
    Press CNTRL + V to paste the entire "shatter" onto the canvas again.

    Step 12.)
    Next go to "edit->transform->flip horizontally".

    Step 13.)
    here's what you should end up with:

    Step 14.)
    Just like before, press CNTRL + T, grab a corner node and while holding SHIFT resize the render image and position it (this time) on near the right of the header and press RETURN.

    I went with a little less busy section of the render - because l don't necessarily want to draw attention to the top right-hand corner of my webpage.

    Step 15.)
    Now make the following selection with the rectangular marquee tool. (pic) and press DELETE to get rid of the bottom portion.Press CNTRL + D to de-select the area.
    Here's what l got.

    Step 16.)
    now go to layer->add layer mask->reveal all. just like in step # 24.

    Step 17.)
    get out the gradient tool make the settings the same that they were in step #25.

    Step 18.)
    click on the left edge of the render and drag twoards the right side of the canvas such as l have here.

    Step 19.)
    Drop the opacity of this layer down to 35 percent and you should end up with something like this:

    Step 20.)
    create a new layer above both of our "header background 1 & 2" layers and name it "scan lines".

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    Page 2 of 5
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