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    Render Layout Tutorial vol. 2:
    Header Creation
    This is part 2 in a 5 part tutorial to easily create a render layout out of a simple render in about 20 minutes. This is by far the fastest way to develop a layout for a website and equally as easy to accomplish. In this installment we will be creating the header for our layout. To see how the final product, go here: Final product | Another variation.

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    Step 1.)
    Create a new layer directly above the background, and name it "header background".

    Step 2.)
    Next go back to the "blue shatter" render, press CNTRL + A (to highlight EVERYTHING) and press CNTRL + C to copy it.

    and minimize the image again.

    Step 3.)
    go back to our layout, highlight the "header background" layer, and press CNTRL + V to paste the entire render onto our canvas.

    Step 4.)
    press CNTRL + T. While holding shift grab one of the corner nodes (boxes on the corner) and drag your mouse inward towards the center. This will resize the image (make it smaller) while keeping the proportions the same. Get it about the same size as l have here. and press ENTER on your keyboard.

    Step 5.)
    Press V to get out the move tool, and position the shatter like so.

    Step 6.)
    Next get out the rectangular marquee tool, and make a selection all the way across the canvas such as l have here. (pic)

    and press DELETE on your keyboard to remove this portion of the render and press CNTRL + D to deselect the area. Here's what you should end up with:

    Step 7.)
    now go to layer->add layer mask->reveal all.

    Step 8.)
    get out the gradient tool . Set your foreground color to #000000 (black) and apply these settings to the gradient tool.

    Step 9.)
    press your mouse, and drag the marquee tool all 3/4's of the way through the render, and release. Such as l have here:

    This should "fade out" the edge of the render. Next set the Opacity of this layer to 30 percent, and this is how it should look:

    Step 10.)
    Next create a new layer, and name it "header background 2" right above the "header background" layer.

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    Page 1 of 5
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