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    Plastic Tech

    In this tutorial l will cover the techniques used to create very good looking graphical interfaces with a techno-plastic look to them. You see these types of layouts on many custom electronic vendor sites, as well as many graphic design sites. It takes time to develop but the end result looks awesome. I am going to cover the tricks needed to develop a layout, hopefully after you are done reading this tutorial you will be able to create similar effects for your next design job.
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    Step 1.)
    Start a new document of any size. But the 1st TIP for creating these is to "oversize" your document, so you have room to work. We'll have alot of objects going off screen and we'll need alot of room to work with. I'm working with a 1200 x 1200 document myself.

    Fill the background with white (#FFFFFF).
    Now turn the visibility of your background layer to off, so we'll be able to see what we're doing. Fill

    Step 2.)
    Create a new layer. Now what you'll need to do is use all of your selection resources in photoshop to create several different selections/shapes. To start, using the elliptical marquee tool and while holding shift, create a a perfect circle that is fairly large as pictured:

    Step 3.)
    Fill the circle selection with white:

    Step 4.)
    With the selection still active, go to "select->modify->contract" with a setting of about:


    Tap delete on your keyboard to get rid of the center of the circle:

    Step 5.)
    now using the polygon marquee tool, begin to remove portions of the circle until you have a piece that is similar to this:

    Double click the layer, and apply these blending options:
    Inner Glow:



    Step 6.)
    Now create a new layer, and using the same techniques create another selection on top of our last, and fill it with a slightly darker color:

    Step 7.)
    Double click the layer, and apply these blending options:
    Inner Glow:


    I also decided to go ahead and adjust the color of this layer, and add a slight blue tint to it. This can be done by pressing CTRL + U, checking the "colorize" box, and adjusting the sliders to the color of your choice.


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