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    Photoshop Guts

    In this tutorial l will show you how to create the effect of lava crust or photoshop guts as l like to call it for your signature, which really gives a great look to your banner or signature backgrounds. This technique could also be used to create awesome desktop backgrounds and/or webpage backgrounds.
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    Step 1.)
    Create a new document of any size, l'm using 800x600 and fill the background with black (#000000).

    Step 2.)
    Create a new layer
    Tip: press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + N on your keyboard to do this quickly.

    Go to "filter->render->clouds"

    Go to "filter->render->difference clouds". Now press CTRL + F on your keyboard 8 times in a row to repeat the "difference clouds" filter 8 times:

    Step 3.)
    Set your background color to a bright color, l'm using a bright red here (#FF0000) and your foreground color to black (#000000)

    Go to Filter->Artistic->Neon Glow and apply these setting:


    Step 4.)
    Go to Filter->Stylize->Glowing Edges, and apply these settings:


    Step 5.)
    Go to Filter->Artistic->Plastic Wrap, and apply these settings:


    Step 6.)
    Press CTRL + J on your keyboard to duplicate this layer, and change the blending option to "screen":


    Step 7.)
    Press CTRL + E to merge these two layers together. Create a new layer, and press D on your keyboard to reset your color pallet to black (#00000) and white (#FFFFFF)

    Go to Filter->Render->Clouds

    Change the blending mode of this layer to "Darken" and drop the opacity down to 65 percent:

    And that completes the tutorial, here's how my final result ended up after touching it up and adding some text and a little border effects:

    Just have fun, and experiment with some of the settings in any of the steps. Thanks for reading!

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