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    Macro Layout
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    Create this clean macromedia style layout.

    macromedia has a simple, clean layout that looks real good. Here l'm going to show you how to create a layout that is similar.

    Page 2 of 2

    Step 11.)
    Next add the company name of your site, with a logo if you wish. I used the font Verdana bold, size 16pt, color #FFFFFF

    Step 12.)
    Now we'll begin to create the area for the content of our site. Start off by creating a new layer, and making a large selection using the rectangular marquee tool, like so:

    Step 13.)
    go to select->modify->smooth with a setting of 4 pixels.

    and fill this selection with the color: #F5F5F5

    Here's how it now looks:

    Step 14.)
    create a new layer and once again create another selection with the rectangular marquee tool like so:

    Step 15.)
    go to select->modify->smooth with a setting of 2 pixels.

    Step 16.)
    Fill this selection with #FFFFFF (white), and apply the following blending options to the layer:


    Here's how it should look:

    Step 17.)
    Hold down the CTRL key, and click on this layer (this should make a selection of the content box we just made). Create a new layer. Now with the selection still active,

    get out the rectangular marquee tool, and hold down the ALT key and deselect the bottom portion of the content box like so:

    Fill this selection with: #E8F0F1

    Step 18.)
    Set your foreground color to: #A5B5BE and get out your pencil tool. Draw a 1 pixel line directly under this new "header" for our content box like so:

    Step 19.)
    Now merge these two layers together by pressing CNTRL + E, and duplicate them a couple times to span the width of our content area.

    Step 20.)
    Next add the headers for your content areas. I've used the Verdana Bold font again, size: 11 pt, with a color of #0000.

    I also added small arrows to the right of the text:

    Now the only thing to do is to slice up the layout and add your content.

    I hope you've learned some useful techniques while following this tutorial. Please remember to check out the rest of our great tutorials!

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