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    Interface Vents
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    This tutorial will explain to you how to create vents in your interface. These subtle effects add an great sense of depth to an interface. This tutorial is a small offshoot of our full tech layout tutorial. I suggest you check it out if you are serious about learning the techniques used to create such layouts. This tutorial is available here. Look at our site and you'll see that l've used this technique all over the place. It's quick, and the ending result looks great. Here l'm going to start with a pre-existing interface.

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    Step 9.)
    go ahead and drag one of the corner nodes towards the center of the vent, to make it smaller.

    and press RETURN on your keyboard once you're satisfied with the size.

    Step 10.)
    Next we'll duplicate the vent. Do this by selecting the cursor tool (press V on your keyboard) and while holding down the ALT + SHIFT keys on your keyboard, click anywhere on the vent and drag it upward, or downward to duplicate it. Do this again to make a total of three vents

    Step 11.)
    merge these three layers together by highlighting the topmost layer, and pressing CNTRL + E two times. With the arrow tool (press V on your keyboard) drag the vents into an area that you'll want to them to be positioned.

    Step 12.)
    next with the vents layer highlighted, go to "layer->add layer mask->reveal all" to apply a mask to this layer.

    Step 13.)
    get out the gradient tool, it should still be set like so:

    Step 14.)
    With the gradient tool, drag a selection from the open end of your vent to the center.

    Step 15.)
    here's what l've got:

    Step 16.)
    And that's all there is to it!
    Position these small vents all over your layouts to create a great sense of techno depth. Here are a couple examples of their uses:

    Good luck, and have fun!

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