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    Futuristic Town Scene

    Click for full screen

    In this tutorial you will learn how to use several different blending options and techniques to create an awesome looking futuristic town. The final image would be great to use as a desktop background, webpage background, or even snipped into a signature banner. Hopefully after following this tutorial you will have a good understanding of the blending options, and how to apply them for different effects.

    Notice: I would like to point out that the concept of this tutorial is based off of a work by the talented deviantart artist Bioshadow. If you liked this piece, please visit be sure to visit the BioShadow gallery to view some of great digital artwork!
    Lets get started.

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    Step 9.)
    Okay, now we're going to do the cool part, and create the town for our scene. The town is basically a handful of buildings, and then those buildings are duplicated over and over again, and positioned in different spots about the image, to give the appearance of a thriving metropolis.

    Lets get started. Create a new layer, and name it "city". Using the rectangular marquee tool, make a selection near the bottom of your canvas as shown:

    Go to Select->Modify->Smooth with a setting of: PX

    Fill this selection with black (#000000)

    Step 10.)
    Do this about 4 or 6 times, and create different rectangles of varying heights and widths, make sure you have them all on separate layers:

    Step 11.)
    Now get out the Move tool you can get this by pressing V on your keyboard or clicking on the icon
    Hold down CTRL on your keyboard and click on one of your rectangles to select it's layer. Release the CTRL key, and press and hold the ALT key on the keyboard, click the mouse and move the rectangle around. When you hold the ALT key it will duplicate the shape.

    Continue doing this until you've got a nice assortment of buildings on the bottom of your image, once you're happy with the amount and the position of the buildings merge all the "building" layers together by clicking the top-most building layer, and pressing CTRL + M on your keyboard.

    Step 12.)
    Now what you want to do is get out the Elliptical marquee tool and remove some of the sections of your buildings to give it a little detail. Just make a selection and tap delete on your keyboard to get rid of a section:

    Continue to do this until you are happy, just don't go overboard:

    Step 13.)
    Now we'll add some depth to the image, press CTRL + J to duplicate your 'city' layer.

    Step 14.)
    Now drop the opacity of this layer down to 50 percent:

    Finally go to Edit->Transform->Flip Horizontal to with the new layer selected/active, using the move tool reposition the contents of this layer to whatever suits your tastes:

    Step 15.)
    Now press CTRL + J on your keyboard one more time, to duplicate the city once again. This time drop the opacity of this layer down to 30 percent.
    Go to Edit->Transform->Flip Horizontal and reposition it a bit with the move tool:

    Step 16.)
    Now create a new layer and name it "house lights". Set your foreground color to #00A5F4. Get out the pencil tool set at 1 pixel. and draw some lights onto your buildings such as l have done here:

    Finishing Touches:
    Keep doing this until you've got a good amount of lights all over your front row of buildings:

    When you're happy with the lights, double click the layer, and apply the following blending options to the "lights" layer:
    Outer Glow:


    And that's all there is to it, just continue to add small details, like spaceships and other various things, here's how mine ended up after playing with it for a few more minutes, and adding some antennas to some of the buildings, and a simple triangle shaped spaceship flying off in the distance:

    Click for full screen

    Notice: I would like to point out that the concept of this tutorial is based off of a work by the talented deviantart artist Bioshadow. If you liked this piece, please visit be sure to visit the BioShadow gallery to view some of great digital artwork!

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