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    Beveled Text Gloss
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    In this tutorial l will show you how to create a very impactive text effect called the beveled gloss effect. This is the text effect l have used for the header of one of my network websites www.HelpMyHits.com. The final effect looks great for nearly any type of font, but works best with a thicker, bold font face.

    Here is what we'll be making with this tutorial:
    Click to enlarge
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    Step 1.)
    Open a new document in photoshop, or open an existing one. I will be working with the background of the helpmyhits.com website:
    Click to enlarge

    Step 2.)
    Set your foreground color to #DEB32F, and choose a font you would like to use. Thicker, bold font faces seem to work best with this technique. The font l'm using here is called AddCityBoy, and is available for download here for free.
    *Free registration required

    Set your font up like l have here. It is very important to use the "sharp" setting to make your text look crisp and clearly:

    Go ahead and type your text out onto the canvas as l've done here:
    Click to enlarge

    Step 3.)
    Double click this layer, and apply the following blending options:

    Click to enlarge

    Step 4.)
    Press CTRL+ J on your keyboard to duplicate this layer.

    Go to: Edit->Transform->Flip Vertically:
    Click to enlarge

    Press 'V' on your keyboard, to get out the move tool () click and drag this duplicate layer downward a little bit as l've done in the image below:
    Click to enlarge

    Step 5.)
    Drop the opacity of this layer down to around 58 percent:

    Go to Layer->Add Layer Mask->Reveal All

    Set your foreground color to black (#000000).

    Get out the Gradient Fill tool ()

    Set your Gradient Fill Tool up with a foreground to transparent gradient as l've done here:

    Now drag a gradient onto the canvas starting from the bottom of the canvas up towards the center. Until you have a similar effect to what l have here:
    Click to enlarge
    Now that gave us a nice "reflection" look, very quick and easily.

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