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    Easy Silhouette

    In this tutorial l will show you a few techniques used to create an easy one, or two town Silhouette. Also know as "iPod people", or the "cell shading" technique. This can work with virtually any photo, but for the purpose of this tutorial l'm going to use a photo of a our pooch.
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    Step 1.)
    Open up your image and go to: Image->Adjustments->Desaturate (or press CTRL +
    SHIFT + U) on your keyboard.

    Step 2.)
    Next using the Lasso Selection tool, or the Pen tool carefully select the contour of your image, and remove the background of the image such as l have done here:

    Press CTRL + D to deselect the area.

    Step 3.)
    Next go to: Filter->Artistic->Cutout, and apply these settings:

    You will need to adjust the "No. of Levels" value to anyone from 2 - 4 depending on the complexity of your


    Step 4.)
    Press CTRL + L on your keyboard to open up the "levels adjustment" panel, and apply similar settings to your image. You may need to move the sliders around to get a good visible area in your image, just move the small nodes to the right or left:

    Here's what you'll end up with:

    Step 5.)
    Now if you'd like to smooth the image out a bit so it looks more like it was done in ink follow these two easy steps.

    Step 6.)
    Go to Filter->Blur->Gaussian Blur and apply these settings:

    Step 7.)
    Next press CTRL + M on your keyboard to open up the "Curves Adjustment" panel and apply these settings:

    Step 8.)
    Here's how my image ended up after the curve adjustment:

    All you need to do is adjust the settings slightly to get the best looking image. I know this one is a little dark silhouettes are created in photoshop.

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