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    Easy Apophysis

    This tutorial will explian how to create a great Apophysis effect that works great for banner and sig backgrounds, with out having to download any additional software.
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    Step 1.)
    Start with a new document that is 500x500 and fill it with black (#000000)

    Step 2.)
    Go to "filter-render-lensflare" and apply these settings:

    Step 3.)
    Next apply a smaller lensflare, using these settings:

    Step 4.)
    Apply one more lens flare with the same settings, here's what you should have so far:

    Step 5.)
    Next go to: "Filter->styilize->find edges".

    Step 6.)
    Then press CNTRL + I to invert the colors

    Step 7.)
    Next press CNTRL + U and apply these settings.
    NOTE: make sure 'colorize' is checked

    here's the result so far:

    Step 8.)
    Next go to: filter->distor->wave and apply these settings:

    Step 9.)
    Right click on this layer, and select "duplicate layer" and change the blending option to "screen".

    Step 10.)
    Go to: edit->transform->flip vertically

    Step 11.)
    Press CNTRL + E to merge these two layers. and go to:
    image->apply image
    and use these settings:

    this should lighten up the highlights a bit.
    here's what l finished up with:

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