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    Crystillic Ice

    Learn how to create this cool crystalized ice effect for your header and banner backgrounds.
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    Step 1.)
    Create a new document of any size. I used 1000 x 1000 for this example, Press 'D' on your keyboard to reset your fore/background colors to white (foreground), and black (background).

    Step 2.)
    Press and hold: SHIFT + CTRL + ALT and press the 'N' key four times.
    This will create 4 new layers, so you should have a total of 5 layers now.

    Step 3.)
    Double click the background layer, and change it/rename it to 'layer 0'.

    Step 4.)
    Go to "filter->render->clouds" to create some clouds on this layer.

    Step 5.)
    Now go to each of the other 4 layers, and do the same. "filter->render->clouds"
    There should be a different render of "clouds" on each layer. Your layer palette should look similar to this:

    Step 6.)
    select layer 4 (the topmost layer) and go to: "filter->render->difference clouds", and do the same on 'layer 2' (it should be the 3rd from the bottom). Here's how my layers pallet looks:

    Step 7.)
    Okay next we're going to add the stained glass filter to each of our layers, with slight differences/variances in the effect.
    Select layer 0 (the bottom most layer).
    go to: filter->texture->stained glass
    and apply these settings:

    Set the Cell to 10, Border to 4 and Light to 3

    Now on to layer 1:
    filter-texture->stained glass
    Set the Cell to 15, Border to 8 and Light to 4

    layer 2:
    filter->texture->stained glass
    Set the Cell to 30, Border to 16 and Light to 10

    layer 3:
    filter->texture->stained glass
    Set the Cell to 5, Border to 2 and Light to 5

    and finally layer 4:
    filter->texture->stained glass
    Set the Cell to 10, Border to 5 and Light to 10

    your layer pallet should look similar to this when finished:

    Step 8.)
    Now we'll adjust the blending options for each of the layers.
    - change layer 4 to "multiply", and set the opacity to: 65 percent
    - change layer 3 to "multiply", and set the opacity to: 86 percent
    - change layer 2 to "multiply", and set the opacity to: 44 percent
    - change layer 1 to "overlay".
    - leave layer 0 as it is "normal".

    your image should look something like this now:

    Step 9.)
    The only thing left to do is add color to your image.
    Do this by going to each layer, and pressing CNTRL + U and adjusting the HUE, SATURATION, LIGHTNESS settings to your liking. NOTE: just make sure you check the COLORIZE box each time.

    Here's the image l came up with after playing with the color settings a little using various hues of aqua blue:

    These are also great for sig/banner backgrounds too:

    Enjoy and have fun!!

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