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    CMS Buttons
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    This tutorial will explain how to create CMS or (Content Management System) buttons quickly and efficiently for your application creations, and layouts.

    Step 1.)
    Create a new document of any size, l used 300x300. and fill the background with a medium grey, l used #626262

    Step 2.)
    Using the rectangular marquee tool, make a square selection for your button. Then go to "select->modify->smooth" and apply a setting of 1 pixel

    Step 3.)
    Fill this selection with white:

    Step 4.)
    Next apply the following blending options to this layer by double clicking on the layer:

    Colors used for gradient are:
    #000000 on the left
    #3E3E3E on the right

    Heres what you should end up with:

    Step 5.)
    Next we'll apply the button's function icon. Here l'll use the universal icon for "italicize" with a white color:

    Note: If you're not comfortable creating your own function icon's, might l suggest a great designer resource: Websiteicons.com has a massive selection of website icons at an affordable price.

    Step 6.)
    apply these blending options to this layer

    Colors used for gradient are:
    #000000 on the left
    #FFFFFF on the right

    Here's what l ended up with

    Step 7.)
    And that's all there is too it, just duplicate the original button layer, and apply each of your CMS icons over top of the buttons. Here's what an actual application of the CMS button usage looks like with a little window dressing:

    For great website icons at an affordable price (similar to the ones used in this very tutorial) check out: http://www.websiteicons.com. I highly recommend their service.

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