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blabla Oct 21 2007 - 04:15:56am
I have 1 question. How can I change the color?? I want the same color as in the tut. Because thats a good color. But how i change it?

blabla Oct 20 2007 - 10:05:55am
Ow oke then it's good ;)

Jeff Oct 14 2007 - 09:56:28pm
Hi blabla,

The purpose of this tutorial is to show you so basic techiqnues; you are supposed to choose the colors that you want your website layout to be.

Best of luck!

blabla Oct 13 2007 - 01:15:47pm
This is very strange first is it light blue and then is it dark blue and you haven't say how you do it can you say that because i want finish it -.-''

gamelander Jun 25 2006 - 02:21:57am
Great tutorial, very long though, but great all the same!

I hope you will make more tutorials like this, although, maybe a bit more thorough in some parts.

LordTrunks Apr 30 2006 - 09:07:52am
Nice tut, although your final product differs greatly from what you create in the tutorial. Also, you seem to add in a few aspects in the final product than what you teach us to do. Remember, this tut is for those who have never madea site layout
before, just keep that in mind the next time you make a tutorial.

Devs Apr 27 2006 - 04:15:29pm
Wow great tutorial Jeff ! :)
Ill post a link to what i got when im done

Martha Apr 03 2006 - 06:40:27pm
This is a completed website layout, great work, I like it... thanks for the tuto.

Fernando Mar 01 2006 - 06:43:22pm
just wowwww...... i didnt know you can do so much with photoshop i just dont know how to make it like the links work...

aidan1982 Feb 22 2006 - 11:37:42am
Great Tutorials on Creating Layouts, lots of help in making something unique, and showing all the neat effects you can add to make the site pop out.

sameer Jan 04 2006 - 09:04:29am
its seems i hav achieved alot frm this tutorials .... n i hav gained a lot..thanxxs 4 sharing....gr8 work..thanxs 4 ur time 4 making this totorial 4 us....its gr8 help......
thanxs a lot(100 times)

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