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    About Us
    Webmaster PhotoshopTower.com was established October, of 2005. The site you are viewing was built out of a passion to spread my collective knowledge of photoshop and web design to people all over the world with similar interests. I wanted to give back to the photoshop community, what was given to me. Knowledge, techniques and the abilities to create ground breaking layouts using photoshop. We strive to bring you high quality tutorials that cover the techniques and the issues that mean the most to you. I have been designing websites for the past 10 years and am completely self trained and taught. I offer web design services; for a fee of course and if you're interested please check out our business site located at www.CoastalWebInnovations.com, or www.CoastalWebInnovations.net we've got several different packages available depending on your business size, and needs. I also pride myself in being very flexible with the prices. My goal is to bring high quality internet solutions to your small business at an affordable price.

    By profession l work as an advertisement developer for Pulitzer and have the pleasure of working with photoshop each and every day at work. This has helped me greatly in expanding my knowledge on how to use this great program and how to create great looking effects when designing web pages or print ads for my clients. It is my hope that the tutorials found on this site make it as easy as possible for you to grasp this information and create great looking, awe inspiring websites for yourself and possibly one day clients of your own.

    Currently l consider myself to be ''well versed'' in the following fields of web development, and suggest anyone who's interested in getting into the field to read up and study on these topics:
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • Flash MX
    • ActionScript
    • Perl
    • PHP
    • mySQL Database Management
    • Photoshop Design Techniques
    • CSS
    These are key topics that must be understood by anyone who wishes to launch a successful website. If you have any questions please contact us via the contact us page if you'd like to request a free quote, or if you'd like to discuss some of the information found on this website.

    If you'd like to contribute to PhotoshopTower.com in some way, the best help you can give me is a link to our main page: http://www.photoshoptower.com

    I hope this page has explained who l am, and why this site is here. Thanks for your time and continued support.

    If you are interested in advertising on PhotoshopTower.com, please click here for pricing information.

    -The Webmaster

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